Impressive 24/7 Protection

Backups that are simple, fast, and future proof

Legacy to new-age. On-prem to cloud. databot has you covered. Build for today and tomorrow at your own pace. All with breakthrough simplicityspeed, and savings.

Reliability is our Standard

60 percent of companies that lose their data shut down within six months of the disaster. In a world where reliable data backups can mean the difference between keeping the doors open and shutting down for good, it’s time to take your backup strategy seriously.  

At databot, data backup is our first priority. In fact, (spoiler alert), it’s the first process we recommend implementing with most of our partners. Whether it’s a simple hands-off solution or a high-level regulation compliant system, we have the technology and expertise to solve your backup needs.

We offer backup solutions that give you at least 90 days of deletion protection. We regularly test against your backups to ensure your data is completely safe and squared away for the very rainy day when it is needed.

We also offer the ability to restore your information in just a few hours after a data loss depending on the situation. Every client can receive the following benefits of backup protection.

    Cloud Backup with databot includes:

    • Automatic or scheduled backups
    • No maintenance
    • Custom configuration and bandwidth throttling
    • 256-bit or 448-bit encryption
    • 30-day versioning
    • Easy Access
    • Open and locked file support