Getting real work done efficiently

File Sharing & Collaboration

databot understands fluildly managing teams – because we have teams functioning in the same room, and across more than 15 countries. Work gets done every day, and every night, because we collobarate, and we want to share that with you

Work is only as good as it’s flow

File sharing and collaboration with databot can help you eliminate wasted time and production  while also increasing your general organization security practices and processes.

Avoid creating duplicate files, missing crucial edits and wasting company time. Never worry about backing up a document or getting the most current version of a file. With file sharing, all your data is updated in real-time for everyone in your organization to see and interact with.

Using collaboration tools, you can take your work wherever you need. Files and projects are synced across the cloud allowing you to communicate and work on the go. You can also integrate chat features and task management to help keep your team on the same page.

    Collaboration Software:

    • Manage content intuitively
    • Share large files simply without having them leave your organization
    • Cloud based Desktop, tablet, mobile sync comes standard
    • View files securely on any device, anywhere in the world 
    • Allows for simple, multi-site access.
    • Version control included