Experience Escalates Expansion Exponentially

Chief Technology Officer

When your making a sophisticated bet on your future, the last gamble you want to take is on talent. databot has demonstrated experience helping partners bridge the gap between opportunity and realization- Ask us about it today-

Why does experience matter?

Also known as a “Consulting CTO”, databot provides the experience of tested strategies to help companies that need short term guidance and advice, but don’t have an in-house expert on technology, software, information, and/or infrastructure.

We’ve built some things, managed some things, and fell flat on our faces more than once – but you know what they say, “The first guy through the wall always gets bloody.” We’ve been there, and we know how to make sure you avoid the pitfalls.

Time is a valuable asset and when you’re launching a new company, or a new product, databot can provide the services and support to bridge the gap in the early days – or in the “interim” days. We’ve done both and have demonstrated successes to share in spades.

databot can help you complete a business plan by estimating costs and timelines, drafting the UX spec, building the prototype, MVP, and “next version.  Implementing best practices, tested methodologies and trackable results along the way. We’re interested in working with people who have their hands deep in a good cause that they believe in – Let us know what your dreams are, and we’ll happily help you lift it into place, test drive it, and release it to the world.