Security First

Cybersecurity from all digital threats 24/7

databot ensures you can securely access the cloud. Secure Office 365 email. See and control SaaS apps. Detect threats in the public cloud. Protect yourself, and your people.

Not “if” but “when”…

Cybersecurity is no longer an “if” question. And in the time it takes you to read this single sentence more than 50,000 attacks have been issued against US businesses. The majority of those attacks are against small businesses which historically have proven to be more vulnerable.

With a 50% year over year increase in global cyber attacks – security vulnerabilities are a serious threat to the future of any business – and at databot, we’re serious about protecting you from it all.

    Minutes Matter –

    At databot we believe that security should not mean a native sacrifice in simplicity for your end users which is why we start all our security implementations with the end user’s in mind. We begin right at the root of protecting your people, and their devices with world class, bleeding edge IDaaS. We enrich that by protecting each device a team member uses with rich mobile device management protocols, processes – and advanced artificial intelligence.

    From there, our second priority is enrich “information protection”. Making sure your data is safe, reliable, and recoverable. Knowledge is power, and having empowered people makes all the difference in moving your business as far into the future as you can see.

    Third we deploy and leverage advanced Threat Protection and Detection algorithms to keep your team, and your devices ahead of the curve. This means that we look at early stage threat reduction, rather than “clean up on aisle 5”. Making sure we are offensive in our strategy will put you ahead of your competition when threats come out to play.

    Finally we help ensure your team has wholistic, automated protocols in place, enabling you to deploy critical security updates to the entire organization in as little time as possible, and respond to threats in minutes instead of “week’s” or “hour’s”. We have demonstrated success in several industries, and have saved our partners thousands of hours in data loss, data leaks, and server downtime (to name a few).