The Microsoft cloud never looked this good

Microsoft Azure

databot has an experienced lineup of cloud professionals ready to help you migrate into the 21st century – 

Simple, Secure, and Scaleable to the Moon

It only takes one data leak to kill every one of your dreams.

databot offers sophisticated and certified guidance and support for every single product and service option available from Microsoft Azure. Whatever your scenario, our cloud team will help you find the most cost-effective, scalable solution for your needs.

We have decades of experience with ERP’s, CRM’s and a deep understanding of the ways Dynamics ERP functions on Azure. databot makes navigating the expansive, ever increasing cost complexities and migrating to the cloud a dream.


  • We partner with Microsoft because they comply with the most comprehensive set of global and industry certifications of any cloud services provider on the market
  • A large and dedicated team is publishing constant security updates, keeping your data more secure than your competitors


  • Microsoft offers general uptime guarantees, as well as advanced options of over 99% SLA


  • Moving to Azure means above average cost savings on maintenance, hardware, and power – we see north of 25% cost savings regularly… think about what you could do with that extra cash-

Analyze, Store, Protect, Build, & have the peace of mind knowing we’ll help you along the way with no obligation or long-term contracts. databot will help you move to the cloud with confidence.